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VIDEO: Bones Coffee Holiday Review

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We’re back with our third Bones review! You all know by now that we love Bones Coffee so we ordered the holiday sample pack from them and have shared our thoughts on it. We loved some, and had mixed feelings about others but were overall very pleased (I’m typing this up while sipping on the rest of our Jingle Bones bag)!

FYI: We order all our coffee whole bean and brew via French press.

So, How did we rank them?

5. Eggnog

Oh boy. We are usually over the moon about Bone’s flavors and I’ll admit – it’s gotta be pretty difficult to get the flavor of eggnog into a coffee. We felt like they may have dropped the ball on this one a little bit. We couldn’t place this flavor at all. It even tasted kind of fruity? Maybe it would be better if you added eggnog creamer. I mean, it wasn’t awful but it also wasn’t really eggnog.

4. Oh Fudge

I hate that this one even had to come in 4th place. Love the art, too. If you’re a fan of the movie, this is definitely a novelty coffee you HAVE to try. Our only complain with it is: there’s a strong hazelnut flavor. So much so that it overpowers a lot of the fudgy taste you would get. I mean, I love hazelnut coffee so it’s not really a problem but…it’s supposed to be fudge.

3. Jingle Bones

Nothing says Christmas like coconut! This one is really great. all the flavors were there and very apparent although (as we mentioned in the video) we feel like this is eerily similar to the coconut rum flavor they have. But I mean, who cares? They have the best coconut flavored coffee I have ever tasted.

2. Gingerbread Man

Back in my barista days, I fell in love with the little mom-and-pop coffee shop I went to work for because of their gingerbread latte. This flavor is very near and dear to my heart and they delivered. Splash a little milk and sugar in your cup and it tastes like holiday dreams come true.

1. White Chocolate Peppermint

Our favorite! We love the flavor of chocolate/peppermint so we already knew we were going to really like this one. Bones somehow encompassed the flavor of white chocolate perfectly and paired it with the perfect amount of mint. Job well done, we will definitely order more of this!

*We have no affiliation with Bones, we just (really) love coffee. A lot.

Order yours here: https://www.bonescoffee.com

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