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If you’re here, it’s probably because you love sushi, right? So do we! In fact, when I first met my husband, our mutual love for sushi was one of the first things we discussed and we ordered it almost every week when we moved in together. Since time has passed and our schedules have gotten a lot busier, we still try to go out for a fun over-the-top sushi date at least once a month. But what happens when once a month isn’t enough? Make it at home of course!

Bamboo, Hyannis

If you have all of the ingredients, sushi is super easy to make at home. I know it may seem a little intimidating but trust me, if Mike can make it then literally anyone can learn. I mean that. He’s a terrible cook. He actually burned a pot of water one time. But somehow he’s damn good at making sushi. I’m going to outline a couple of our favorite easy weeknight rolls but keep in mind that you can add almost anything to your sushi. If you don’t care for seafood you can substitute chicken, beef, tofu (my favorite sub), or even just your favorite veggies. Let’s get started!

Rice and Prep and Stuff

What you’ll need for the rice: sushi rice, rice vinegar, sugar, salt. You’ll also need nori (edible seaweed) and a sushi rolling mat. There’s a great recipe on making the perfect sushi rice HERE, there’s even a neat calculator that tells you how much of each ingredient you need for however many rolls you’re trying to make! I do not recommend skimping out on making the proper rice although, ALTHOUGH, if you’re in a pinch for ingredients you can just use the sushi rice. It’ll just taste like ordinary rice…nothing special. I’ve done it before. I’m not a prideful beast.

Here’s a tip: if you’re new to making sushi, just put the rice on the nori about 1 cm high and roll it that way. It’s less messy and way easier than wrapping the mat with plastic wrap and flipping the nori with the rice on it which is the proper method. You’ll see that I’ve done both in the photos below, but mostly used the easier way.

Now that you’ve got the basics, you can get started on the actual fun part. Crack open a bottle of your favorite plum wine and get started on these sushi roll recipes!

Spicy Crab Stick Roll

I told y’all I like spicy. For extra spicy, leave the seeds and pith in the jalapenos. My favorite part of this roll is the spicy avocado sauce (I use either Tattoo Avocado Serrano sauce or Herdez Guacamole Salsa).

Classic Smoked Salmon Roll

This one is about as simple as simple gets. Similar to a classic Philadelphia roll, you can definitely add avocado if you have some!

“Barbie’s Macdaddy Ultimate Extra AF Roll”

…Or at least that’s what Mike calls it. This baby is loaded and obviously takes the cake for our favorite sushi roll. It’s got everything we love in it.

So now that you have your sushi rolled and cut and all pretty on the plate with some soy sauce and wasabi, what are you drinking? Well let me tell you, my friends! Choya Plum Wine is possibly the best Japanese wine that has ever graced my lips…maybe even the best wine period. If you hate sweet, then I don’t know what to tell you because I pair all of my sushi with this sweet, succulent gift from the East. For sake, I really enjoy TY KU Junmai Ginjo Black Sake or TY KU Coconut Sake. All three options are either right at or under $20 and amazing and worth every penny just trust me.

I hope you all enjoyed these easy sushi recipes. I really hope to post more in the near future and kick it up a notch with ingredient choices and techniques. If you have suggestions or funky rolls you want to see, let me know! Until then, my friends – Cheers!

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