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Ranch Fried Oysters

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One of the many perks of living in coastal New England is the availability of fresh seafood. Since we’ve lived here, we have made a few friends through work that farm shellfish as a hobby (people actually do that). Honestly it sounds like fun, but I wouldn’t even know where to start. So about a week ago, a pal dropped off two dozen freshly farmed oysters for us. We shucked, cleaned, and ate the first dozen raw but I wanted to do something different with the last of them.

I had never shucked an oyster until I moved here. It’s way easier than I thought it would be. However, if you know me, I am not to be trusted with putting any kind of pressure behind a knife that may have even a 10% chance of slipping and going through my hand. Been there, done that. Several times. So. Many. Stitches. Thankfully I live with an amazing human that has taken on the grueling task of shucking all the shellfish we get…but he reaps the benefits so really it’s a win for him, too.

You should always have a spare Hidden Valley Ranch packet chillin’ in ya spice cabinet.

My favorite part of frying food is creating the breading. It is imperative that the flour is seasoned to perfection. I’ve never fried anything with a ranch packet before so I decided to give it a try. Toss in some red pepper flakes and a dash of Old Bay for the perfect balance of southeastern and northeastern staples. It’s called “fusion” and it’s fancy, damnit.

Once your oysters are shucked and clean, use a fork to remove them from the shell and dredge them in your flour mix. Drop them in a deep fryer or a hot pot of oil (heated to around 360 degrees) for about 3-4 minutes. Easy-peasy super fun appetizer!

I just put this here because I think it’s badass I can make gifs on my phone. Technology these days!

I served these with Sriracha tartar sauce because I love spicy. If you want to make it, just add a couple drops of Sriracha to your favorite tartar sauce. If that’s not your jam, regular t-sauce will do. Enjoy with a dope oyster stout like Flying Dog’s Pearl Necklace Chesapeake Stout, a long time favorite of mine!

(Get my deep fryer here! It’s amazing and I love it.)

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