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VIDEO: Fuego Box Review

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As the Queen of a Million Scovilles, a box of 5 craft mystery hot sauces might actually be the greatest gift in the world for someone like me. Like, this product is specifically marketed to me. Of course I bought it. Cheeky Facebook ads and their enticing advertisements. Before I purchased this box of joyful pain, my lovely fiance had no idea that craft hot sauces existed on such a large scale, only knowing about the two sauces I let him try. One that I recently bought that he actually liked and the first one that he tried from my fridge when we first started dating because he wanted to impress me (a sauce upwards of 850k scovilles)…and I thought maybe he was going to die in my kitchen. So naturally I made him try every sauce in this box with me.

In this (pretty long) video, we go from start to finish with the Fuego box. Unboxing, tasting, reviewing, and rating. I’m reviewing the sauces in order that we tried them below too. One thing I want to note is that we found the sauces actually varied greatly in heat from what they’re rated on the Fuego Box website so I made sure to let y’all know hot they actually are. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Fuego Box or any of these hot sauce brands. I just really like hot sauce!

“It’s like a hot wing dipped in a pumpkin pie and it’s so good.” -MG
  1. Born to Hula: Harvest

In the video, I claim another sauce to be my number one but really this one takes the cake. This is the perfect “mild for me, hot for him” sauce. The flavor of this sauce is unlike anything I have ever tried before, almost as if it were meant to be a pumpkin pie Torani coffee syrup with capsaicin. On the bottle it says to try on brownies and ice cream which are things you would never think to put hot sauce on but seriously TRY IT. Just go buy this sauce now. Thank us later. 3.5/5 for spicy. 5/5 for flavor.

We’ve had this sauce for a week and you can tell by the bottle it’s almost gone…

2. Karma Sauce Bad Karma

I mean, we have almost killed this sauce. This is such a well-rounded hot sauce, you can eat this one on pretty much anything. It was the least spicy sauce we got in our opinion, but the flavor is outstanding. Sweet and tangy with butternut squash, ginger, and honey but there’s savory notes of onion and garlic. I didn’t rate it very high in the video, but Mike really liked it. Since then we’ve eaten it almost everyday. We fired up the smoker yesterday and smoked chicken basted in this sauce. Absolute Flavortown, my friends. 2/5 for spicy (and that’s generous). 4.5/5 for flavor.

3. Sweet Heat Gourmet Roasted Jalapeno

This is a very tasty green hot sauce. It reminds me a lot of New Mexico and smokey green chiles which I love. I would use this as more of a spicy add-on to enchiladas or green chile stews. We ate this sauce on breakfast burritos and it was the bomb dot com. I would recommend the use of this on all the eggs you ever eat in your life and Southwest/Tex-Mex meals for sure. 3/5 for heat. 4/5 for flavor.

“Is this enjoyable for you?!? Who enjoys pain while eating?!?!” -MG

4. High River Sauces Thunder Juice

This sauce had me at “tequila infused”…then I saw blueberry, peach, and Carolina Reaper. I went into this sauce sold on the flavor profile and heat level. This is definitely my kind of sauce and it is HOT. Poor Mike. He really did suffer the rest of the night. Alas, I was a little disappointed by the flavor especially after trying it again a few times after the video. The heat does overpower a lot of the flavor which is to be expected and overall you do get the tequila flavor which was pretty great. I just wish it had some of the sweetness I was expecting and maybe some salt. Mike rates this a 200/5 for heat and a 0/5 for flavor because “it’s so hot that you can’t taste anything”. I rate it a solid 5/5 for heat and a 2.5/5 for flavor.

Tamarind is a pulp, not really a “seasoning” like I said but I grew up eating those tasty liquid candies (you know the ones) and it’s one of my favorite nostalgic flavors.

5. Friendly Fire Tamarind and Ghost Pepper

THIS was the sauce I personally rated #1 for flavor. This is one of the most unique flavors for a hot sauce that I have ever tasted. Immediately you get the tangy, sweet, and bitter flavors of tamarind and coffee then the sweet delicious heat of ghost peppers. I was literally speechless. I will claim this as tied for my #1 spot because it’s as surprisingly versatile as the Hula. I would suggest pairing this with hearty dishes like chili or more exotic cuisines like authentic Mexican food, Peruvian chicken, even stir fry…or anything really. There’s not much I wouldn’t pair with this. 3.5/5 for spicy. 5/5 for flavor.

You may be thinking “wow, typo…you said 5 sauces and you’re reviewing 6″…nope, not a typo

6??? Nando’s Peri-Peri Sauce XX Hot

So there I was on a Wednesday, cleaning out the adorable wooden box we got with our order so Mike can use it for (yup, you guessed it) fishing stuff when a 6th bottle fell out…What is it? Where did it come from?? I can’t even find this hot sauce on their website??? The order was only supposed to come with 5 bottles???? So many questions! I sent Mike a photo of the sauce because I didn’t know what to do. It was rated the hottest of all the Nando’s sauces and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to taste it in the video.

So we decided to shoot a clip of us trying it right before our Sunday brunch. Our opinions on the mysterious 6th sauce? I mean, it’s pretty flippin’ delicious. It’s not very hot but the flavors are all there. You get a lot of tangy lemon and savory flavors. It’s almost like a lemon pepper hot sauce. Very tasty and could easily be eaten on anything you wanted to add just a little spice to but I would suggest eating it on seafood. It’s the perfect sauce for raw oysters or clams! 2/5 for spiciness. 3/5 for flavor.

We definitely recommend the Fuego Box if you dig the craft hot sauce scene. You can choose to order one time or get monthly subscription boxes based on your preferences for heat. Get yours here or try the Choco Challenge (the proceeds go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation). Cheers!


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