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Bones Coffee Company Review #1

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I have been so excited to share this review with you all! I found this company through a Facebook ad and thought I’d give them a try. Apropos to the season, Bones Coffee Company makes uniquely flavored small batch roasted coffee. Their packaging is adorned with cute skeletons and spooky fun names. This company’s motif had “me” written all over it! I love all types of coffee (just like my wine…and beer…) so I ordered their sample pack. I decided on some top sellers and some flavors that I knew I would enjoy. I’m going to lay them out here and share some feelings on my faves!

FYI: We coarse ground whole beans and brewed these coffees using a French press. I feel like you get the best flavor that way. Try this Cuisinart coffee grinder with multiple settings for just the right grind. It’s awesome. For a French press, I suggest the Bodum Chambord French Press. It’s equally awesome. I own both and use them daily.

5. Maple Bacon

Bones Coffee Company: Maple Bacon

I really thought this would be my number one favorite. This roast was good but I’d be lying if I said it was amazing. I read reviews before purchasing so I don’t feel crazy saying the flavor just wasn’t too strong. In fact, the flavor was barely there – I could taste a little bacon. A nice light-drinker, I wouldn’t water it down with creamer. I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys light flavored black coffee.

4. S’morey Time

Bones Coffee Company: Smorey Time

Loved it. LOVED it. So why is it number 4? Because I honestly loved them all and if I have to rate them, I’m going to rate them on my personal preference for flavor. The very first thing I noticed before taking a sip was the scent of marshmallow. That first sip, all marshmallow followed by the chocolate and graham cracker. Man, what a solid and delicious flavored coffee. And also, can I add how cute that Bigfoot is? He’s precious and I love this label so much.

3. High Voltage

Bones Coffee Company: High Voltage

This coffee kicks! It’s brewed with double the caffeine of a normal cup of coffee and believe me, you can taste the difference. It just feels like a cup of WAKE UP DUDE YOU’VE GOT SH*T TO DO. It’s much bolder than the other flavors I tried, however I got notes of acidity like you’d find in a lighter roast. If you want a boost of caffeine but don’t want to sacrifice the flavor of a quality coffee, this one’s for you. It’s like a red eye right out of the pot.

2. Coconut Rum

Bones Coffee Company: Coconut Rum

My dudes. Let me just start by saying this literally tastes like a proper medium roast with a shot of Malibu. This is a hard one to top. I mean, it’s a PERFECT summer coffee in my eyes. I would do so much with this: cold brew, use it in a frappe, iced, hot, with rum, without, maybe put a splash of that tasty Almond Joy creamer in it. I’m a black coffee girl usually but this will be my go-to for indulging probably forever now. Thanks, Bones, you’ve started an addiction.

1. Bananas Foster

Bones Coffee Company: Bananas Foster

What could possibly be better than coconut rum? This. Absolutely this. I thought I was going to faint when I tried it. This is not only the best coffee I tried from the sample pack, this is hands down the best flavored coffee I’ve ever had. From the scent of opening the bag to your first sip, it’s bananas all day. A strongly flavored coffee that you experience, not just consume. Sweet on it’s own without any additives, every flavor plays off of the others. You get the banana, rum, brown sugar, vanilla and none of those overpower the other flavors. Just perfect. This one warmed my soul and will be a staple in my home for as long as they make it (hopefully forever)!

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***We have no affiliation with Bones Coffee Company, we just really love coffee. They definitely have a new loyal customer. I hope you guys enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed making it. Cheers!

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