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8 Easy Keto/Low Carb Super Bowl Appetizers

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I am an entertainer, my friends. I absolutely love having people over, making fun snacks, watching football, playing games, whatever. However, I have been dreading making appetizers for the Super Bowl because of our new diet…then I thought about what kind of snacks people actually eat and how easy it is to make them keto-friendly. Not to mention I already make these snacks all the time. This post is gonna be a little different from how I usually blog recipes. I’m going to highlight some of my own appetizers as well as a few others apps I love from other blogs.

Before I get into these tasty game day snacks, I just have to say it: I am a Patriots fan. A loooooong time fan. Like, before Brady and all that 5 ring glory kind of fan. I’ll die a Pats fan even if they don’t win another Super Bowl. This is my first year living in New England so this is really special for me. How does one become a team fan without ever living there? Let me tell you a short story:

I’m always wearing this dumb hat.

Growing up, I was really close to my cousin who lived in Boston. She was my hero. She always talked about how awesome Boston and the surrounding area was and used to send me snail-mail photographs of her travels on the “T” and all of the beautiful snowy winters in Harvard Square. When I was a child, I decided that’s where I wanted to live so everything became Massachusetts centered for me…including their sports teams. I always rooted for them, even as a child who understood nothing about football. And that’s the quick, painless version of “How Barbie Became a Patriots Fan by Age 5”.

I’m not a terribly competitive person, though. I’m good a laughing off losses and celebrating others’ triumphs whether in sports, video games, or even the rare occasion I lose a game of MtG (mono black, my dudes, my Liliana game strong). So whichever team you’re pulling for, I hope you have a super fun-filled Super Bowl Sunday full of friends, laughs, and good memories!

So what are we making? It’s all about “low carb guilty pleasures” this weekend.

Sundried Tomato and Basil Cheese Ball

This one is quick, easy, and delicious. I made this for a Halloween party last year and it was raved about. I drizzled it in balsamic glaze then but I’m skipping that part this Sunday for obvious reasons. Try making these delicious chips (via Sugar Free Londoner) to go along side!

Photo via the Halloween party. The top cheese roll is a honey/pistachio/cranberry cheese ball. Not really keto friendly but super delicious, too.

Low Carb Boneless Buffalo Wings

This is my go-to recipe for every single occasion. Chicken wings (bone-in or boneless) are my eternal jam and I’ll never say no to them. I make these once a week for dinner BUT they are a perfect low carb appetizer for any party (just stick a toothpick in them, instant fancy-looking app)! One day I’ll make a long post about the different kinds of wings I make. I have perfected the art of copycat wing sauces from different wing places and I might have to share that info with you guys someday soon along with some tips for perfect wings. For now, I’ll stick with plain old tasty diet friendly Franks Red Hot. (I use my canola-filled deep fryer for these and I’ve yet to have issues or been kicked out of ketosis…not that I’m saying you can or should, I’m just saying…).

The lovely guy in my life doesn’t complain that this is dinner sometimes more than once a week…sometimes more than twice.

Buffalo Blue Cheese Celery Sticks

These simple little guys are the perfect partner for your wings and they take maybe 10 minutes to make! I prefer a more mild blue cheese but I promise that fresh is the way to go no matter what your preference is. You can use whatever hot sauce you’d like but I prefer Franks because it has a really good buffalo taste and no carbs. I do, in fact, put that sh*t on everything.

Blue cheese is the best cheese and if you don’t agree, I will fight you. Not really because brie is pretty good, too. And manchego. Gooood sharp cheddar. Nevermind, all cheese is the best cheese.

Low Carb Jalapeno Buttons

I made my brother jealous by showing him these this morning. Not usually a very vulgar person, his specific words were “jalapeno buttons sounds so f*cking d*mn delicious” followed by “it’s everything a pickle chip is but like 50x better”. He’s just mad because I moved 7 states away and took all the good food with me. And he’s probably hungry. But he’s right, they are good. Really good. I used to make sriracha ranch to go with these but if you’re on keto I would stick to something like Marzetti Simply Dressed Avocado Ranch which is equally delicious.

“Jalapeno buttons sounds so f*cking d*mn delicious” – RDZ IV, 2019

Warm Ranch Crack Dip

Ever tried crack chicken? If you have then you know why it has its name. I suggest using the ranch I listed above for this one, too. A great warm, low carb dip for your Super Bowl table! Recipe and photo via Wholesome Yum

Get the recipe here!

Keto Fried Bacon Jalapeno Popper Cheese Bites

These just look AMAZING, don’t they? They will definitely be served in my house this Sunday…and maybe even weekly from now on. Have I mentioned I love spicy food before? Oh, I have? Yeah… Recipe and photo via Ketofy Me

Get the recipe here!

Keto Cheesecake Muffins

Because we can’t have a party without something sweet (my bf just will not stand for a celebration without sweets), I found this tasty recipe. Cheesecake muffins? Yes!!! Recipe and photo via Internet Kelly

Get the recipe here!

Keto Cinnamon Rolls

If cheesecake isn’t your thing, try these dope cinnamon rolls. Why? 1, they’re easy to make. 2, they’re perfect for accidentally making too much for your party and having some left over for breakfast the next day. 3, they’re cinnamon rolls I mean what more do you want? Recipe and photo via isaveA2Z

Get the recipe here!

Guys, I hope you have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday and enjoy the recipes I posted here. Even if you don’t like football as much as my loud, obnoxious, drink slinging, fight picking, singing and chanting in the streets at halftime ass, I hope you at least enjoy the fun commercials, Maroon 5 at the halftime show, and of course the food. Go Pats (or Rams if that’s who you’re pulling for but, ehhh, GO PATS)!

Barbie <3

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