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12 Cocktails of Christmas

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Happy Holidays, friends, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! I don’t often make multi-recipe list posts but these recipes are too good not to highlight. Sharing is caring, right? Something about Christmas season and giving? That’s why we’re sharing our 12 Days of Christmas Cocktails with you all. Whether you’re entertaining family, friends, or just yourself, these drinks are perfectly themed for the season and did we mention they’re delicious? Because WOW! Some of these are staples in our home each holiday season and some of these are new to us this year. We hope you all enjoy these recipes as much as we do! There may even be a bonus cocktail at the end… 😉

<3 Hey, btw: we love y’all so please drink responsibly! <3

1. White Christmas Martini

Look at that beautiful sugared rim! Every time I sip on one of these, I feel like Michael Scott in the Classy Christmas episode of The Office and I hope you do too.

2. Boozy Peppermint Mocha Coffee

recipe by The Suburban Soapbox

The peppermint/chocolate combo is a classic and nothing beats sipping a hot coffee drink on a cold night next to a crackling fire.

3. Salted Caramel Martini

recipe by The Cookin’ Chicks

This is one of our go-tos! It’s such a simple, delicious martini. The best part is the syrup. I always have salted caramel syrup on hand because I make lattes at home (owning an espresso machine and being an ex-barista rocks AND saves us a ton of money) and trust me, it is a game changer.

4. Holiday Moscow Mule

recipe by The Kachet Life

Ginger beer. Cranberries. Rosemary. I mean, those are three of my favorite flavors ever so obviously this is one of my favorite cocktails ever. Other Moscow Mule perks? I’d have to put effort into breaking a copper mug…unlike the martini glass I broke yesterday…or the wine glass I broke 3 days ago…or the…eh, you get it.

5. Mistletoe Margaritas

recipe by Delish

Whether tequila makes you the jolliest elf at the party or leaves you wanting to “deck someones halls”, this margarita is crazy good. This recipe “serves 8” so this might be a fun one to make for your office Christmas party. Maybe.

6. Jack Frost

recipe by The Blond Cook

Mele Kalikimaka! This tropical cocktail is great for folks who have warmer weather during the holidays because let’s face it – not everyone gets a white Christmas. Tip: I substitute the plain vodka for whipped vodka. Perfection.

7. Santa Claus-Mopolitan

recipe by Blue Ribbon Kitchen

Another classy cocktail! I think Mrs. Claus herself would come down from the North Pole and slap you across the face if you sipped this in anything other than a red Versace cocktail dress.

8. Apple Cider Mimosa

recipe by DIY Candy

This is Mike’s favorite. He would probably drink a gallon of apple cider a day if I let him. To be fair, this is a super yummy cocktail and mimosas are kinda my thing. Win-win.

9. Gingerbread White Russian

recipe by Half Baked Harvest

First of all, Half Baked Harvest ROCKS. Second, I PROMISE YOU that this is worth every bit of time, effort, and money you put into making that gingerbread syrup. I’m sure you can find it pre-made and you could use that but why would you want to?

10. The Grinch

recipe by The Toasty Kitchen

Never in my life have I seen such a bombastic cocktail until this one, and wowwwww does it live up to its name! Tart, sweet, and super whimsical!

11. Eggnog Mudslide

recipe by The Shabby Creek Cottage

You can put anything in eggnog and we’ll drink it tbh…well, almost anything. Kahlua and coconut rum are now my new favorite things to put in eggnog. This cocktail recipe deserves an award. Seriously. (Insert one million heart-eye emojis)

12. Glühwein (Spiced Wine)

recipe by Mike & Barbie

Ayyyyy, this is the main drink I make for the holiday season! It’s definitely the most requested too. Sweet, hot, and soul-warming. Some years I hit up the Dollar Tree and buy those resealable bottles with the rubber stoppers, make this in bulk, and give it out to friends and family for Christmas.

***BONUS DRINK!!!***

We threw this cocktail together after our Bones review because we had extra coffee. We later refined this and now have an actual recipe. I never know what I’m doing…especially not at 12:59 pm.

White Mocha Peppermint Martini

2 oz White chocolate liqueur (Rum Chata works too, obviously)
2 oz Smirnoff Peppermint Vodka
4 oz coffee
Splash of Peppermint Mocha creamer

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